Our Services

Winema Agencies is one of the fastest growing suppliers and manufacturers of Condenser, Exchanger, Boiler tube tooling and accessories in Australia today.

Supplying everything from 3/16" expanders to the most sophisticated installation and removal equipment. Winema Agencies is a leader in the most complete and latest technological supplies in the tube removal industry.

Our new lines of tube tooling tools, expanders and processes have far outreached our competitors by several standards. We have expanded our entire product line in order to completely serve our dedicated customers with this specialised equipment. We supply everything that you would need for any type of field requirement.

Special orders are not a problem and short lead times can be expected. While maintaining short lead times, you will also find the most competitive pricing in the industry on specials. Winema Agencies understands the importance of getting the tool in the customers hands on time.

To support this equipment and help keep your costs to a minimum Winema Agencies offers a full line of rental equipment and tooling for our customers convenience. We have the largest fleet of rental tube pullers and rolling controls in the country. In addition we offer the largest range of proven onsite/in-situ machining equipment in Australia.

Combine this with our comprehensive range of hydraulic bolt torque & tensioning equipment and a selection of lifting cylinders & pumps ensures you now have access to largest specialised tooling hire fleet in Australia.

All our equipment is serviced in-house to ensure it is available on time and in peak condition when required. Our trained service staff are available to repair, test and calibrate and comprehensive range of bolting and torqueing equipment if required.

In addition to Winema Agencies unmatched customer service team, the company maintains quite a large and diverse inventory which enables them to provide Same Day Shipping on orders placed up to 6:00 pm EST, in most cases.